About us

Indrashan Homestay is an authorized and licensed Homestay of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) which launched this ambitious programme in 1992, to give an additional option to guests from abroad as well as Indian to experience Home Hospitality. The RTDC inspected various homes and hosts and gave licenses to more than a hundred Hosts in Jodhpur. This is how Indrashan started.

We started with a solitary room in 1992 and did our best to promote and receive guests. We gradually modified and renovated our rooms to suit the needs of guests.

We have just enough rooms, which we as a family can look after and have no intentions of increasing as then we would not be able to provide our personal touch to their stay and would be like any other commercial entity.

The Family

The owners Chandrashekhar and Bhavna have been hosting guests since 1992 and now have been joined by their son and daughter-in-law Yashwardhan and Saloni. 

The family’s history dates back to the time the city of Jodhpur was founded and that allows the guests to experience the various traditions and culture that has been passed on from generations.

We take a keen interest in spending quality time with all our guests, which allows us to provide personalised service, making guests feel at home when they are away from home.

Indrashan welcomes you to experience the warmth of traditional Rajasthani Hospitality.


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